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Put simply, I help you and your artists understand content. 
I offer artists and labels full-scope social media services from initial ideation to account management.

Talking to artists, it’s clear that content often confuses and frustrates when it should be seen as a tool to enhance the reach of their art. On and off stages, Great content breaks through the noise and reaches new, engaged, fans whilst making best use of artists’ schedules. 

Content on-stage plays a vital part in artist worldbuilding. I’m a specialist in fan-first live content - understanding what audiences want to see from shows of all scales and making the most of every moment

Case Studies:

SOMOH: First headline show.

Photography from a shoot day was used for poster artwork as well as social media content in the run-up to her sell-out headline.

During soundcheck content was used to inform fans of exact timings and venue information in an engaging format.

Stills and moving image were captured during the show, which were used to create a show montage︎︎︎.

Photography was then used across DSP banners, profile pictures and socials to uphold SOMOH’s live image.


Kai Bosch: London Headliner

Covering Kai’s sell-out show with timeless photography allowed for future coverage for shows without content - the London show post being Kai’s most liked post︎︎︎at time of writing [July 2024]. 

There was even a mention in the caption: “also thank you @oscarxblair for being such a bloody brilliant photographer xxx”

[Ongoing] Robinson: Social Media Advisor

Advising Robinson on social media best practises, including content ideation, creation and editing in support of her third EP. 

Kai Bosch: Funny

Providing Kai with content & creative ideation for his single Funny, garnering hundreds of thousands of views and tens of thousands of likes ︎.

Tom Odell: the monsters tour

I was with Tom for his two Spanish shows on the monsters tour, briefed to capture fan-perspective content for future usages.

Stills and moving image were captured for socials use, as well as experimental stopmotions for story content.

Content was used to promote his 2023 North American tour ︎︎︎.


Amitytok: Editing

Edited a promotion for amitybloc’s short-form content creation company, amitytok.