Oscar Blair is a London-based photographer working within the intersection of music and portraiture.

Oscar’s work explores people in motion, both on and off-stage. He is fascinated by mannerisms that encapsulate individuals, as well as how photography can be used as a tool for enacting positive social change.

Clients & collaborators include AWAL, Clairo, Climate Live, Clown Skateboards, LAB Records, Leah Kate, Lizzy McAlpine, Matt Maltese, Maya Hawke, Nell Mescal, OnlyHelix, Ricky Montgomery, Sony Arista, Tom Odell, Tom Rosenthal, Venbee, Vice UK and Years & Years. 

Available worldwide.

Wedding photography ︎︎︎

Email: oscar@oscarblair.xyz



March 2023 — Photo of the Day & Best of PhotoVogue, ‘Iris at home’︎︎︎.

July 2022 — Shortlisted artist for the Royal Photographic Society’s 164th International Photography Exhibition︎︎︎.

May 2022 — 1 of 100 student photographers selected from Europe, the Middle East and Africa for Canon’s Development Programme︎︎︎.

January 2022 — The Photographers’ Gallery, In Real Life Publication︎︎︎.