Oscar Blair is a London-based documentary photographer, primarily working within music. 

I have created portraits of people such as Declan Mckenna and Jeremy Corbyn, and my documentary work has been published by The Photographers’ Gallery︎︎︎. I have created single artwork for Matilda Mann︎︎︎, and I photographed a nationwide billboard campaign in collaboration with VICE UK︎︎︎.

In addition to my portraiture, I regularly photograph live music. I have shot for artists at venues such as the Royal Albert Hall, Electric Brixton and Lafayette. Artists I have captured live include Declan Mckenna, Dayglow, Second Thoughts and Will Joseph Cook, among others. My live work is viewable here︎︎︎.
My commisions include Teach The Future and Climate Live, and I have press credits including NME︎︎︎.

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